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GI JOE 2005 SIGMA 6 Cobra Ninja Hovercycle (mip) GI Joe Action Figures & G.I. Vintage Toys at Guru-Planet

GI JOE SIGMA 6 Cobra Ninja Hovercycle 8 Inch Action Figure Vehicle (mip)

COBRA ninja STORM SHADOW rides a sinister version of the NINJA HOVERCYCLE that SNAKE EYES uses on SIGMA 6 missions. The two martial arts masters face off in a high-speed battle that rips across the ground and into the air. Converting from motorcycle to hovercraft, STORM SHADOW strikes fast and hard with a nunchaku that has hidden blades to inflict double the damage with every blow. He attacks with snap-stars to force SNAKE EYES from his bike, then pulls a sai dagger and claw knife from his cycle as the two enemies clash in close combat. With weapons stored everywhere on his cycle, STORM SHADOW will keep on fighting until he has beaten his SIGMA 6 adversary once and for all!

Can you stand up to the excitement? Find out with this awesome vehicle that pushes the limits of action! Place STORM SHADOW figure (sold separately) on the bike, push up the working kickstand and speed into battle! Prepare for anything with an assortment of ninja weapons you can attach to the bike! Remove the detonators to throw off SIGMA 6 pursuers or convert to hovercraft and take to the skies! Can you help stop STORM SHADOW and the COBRA army? Gear up and get moving. the adventure won't wait!

Action-packed COBRA hovercycle is loaded with features: attachable ninja weapons, removable detonators and working kickstand!

GI JOE 2005 SIGMA 6 Cobra Ninja Hovercycle (mip) sigma082Regular price: $49.99Sale price: $24.50

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small Parts. Not For Children Under 3 Years.

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